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Semuc Champey

A paradise in Guatemala, hidden among the mountains of Lanquín, spend a day of adventure, visiting the water caves of Kanba and the pools of Semuc Champey, the guide will accompany you and explain about the formation of the natural pools, you will walk to the viewpoint to observe this wonder.



This tour will take you to float in the refreshing Lanquín River, enjoy a beer while making friends on this adventure, includes guide, transportation, approximately 1 hour in duration.

Tour de Cacao

Enjoy making your own cocoa chocolate with the help of an indigenous family and taste the cocoa chocolate made by yourself.

Sunrise Hike

La viña viewpoint is a short distance hiking trail through the Calvary Mont, located in Lanquin, Alta Verapaz, where you can appreciate one of the most stunning, peaceful, spiritual sunrises in Guatemala and witness the awakening of the planet, birds, trees, wildlife and lanquin town.

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